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    Hey all! Loving this app, paid to be a supporter, using it as a far more visually appealing alternative to B*g P******e, from those guys who sell all the games and used to make Half Life games. 🙂

    A feature I’d enjoy seeing stolen, err, I mean borrowed, from their interface (and lots of other interfaces) would some subtle but definite navigation sounds, particularly when moving through the tiles. They could be disabled with one single toggle (maybe even default “off”), but GameRoom is oddly silent when navigating around.

    I use primarily as a replacement for that other thing, and stream to my TV through my Xbox One. It’s not perfect or 100% reliable, so some nav sounds would help me know if my connection has flaked out (yet).

    I’d even be willing to trawl through and find some decent beeps and bloops. Or, god forbid, reinstall my synth software and start turning knobs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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