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    Hi. Just bought the product, as I’ve been really enjoying it and I can see this is well maintained. There’s one issue I’ve had ever since I tried it and almost kept me from using it, so I’d like to request it as a feature.

    I think the view we get while viewing games – arguably the most important for the user feature – is a bit lackluster. While ordering by Launcher is good for niche circumstances, I personally find the Genre and Theme a bit of a joke and am forced to just use Default and the “hours played” sorting + Last Played. Even if we assumed the categories were perfect descriptors, the massive overlap that leads to seeing a game over and over makes it unusable as a main view.

    What I’d like to see is some smart interface, that could start off with certain categories but more importantly allows to drag and drop games between categories seamlessly. Personally I’d prefer a “box” approach, a little bit like Android’s icon grouping but usually shown expanded. I’m giving drag & drop as an example of a neat way to do it, you may very well think of smarter ways to go about fulfilling this need.

    Hope that’s clear enough, but I’ll be happy to think about it more if you have any questions. Great job so far, the only software that made me forgo the Steam library approach!

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